How Big is Too Big?

May 11, 2005

Dell planning a 19-inch notebook | | CNET

How Big is Too Big for a Laptop screen, Yesterday I got my 17 inch G4 Powerbook delivered to my doorstep. Now this is my first laptop but as a computer users for 15 years now (god now I feel old, and I'm only 25) I think I know what I want in a screen.

I don't want to go from my desktop (which is 17 inches) which has a nice resolution and displays webpages without having to scroll horizontally, to a laptop that has something under 17 inches and my screen layouts are not what I'm used to using.

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Tempted by the Fruit of Another

March 28, 2005

So Princess informs me everytime she logs onto's chat and gets hit on by other people who she then tells she has a boyfriend already. They then reply "It's ok, your boyfriend doesn't need to know we will do anything"

So I figured lets not start a list of those who people, then in the future if you see and/or date them, you've been forwarned that they think its ok to "play" with other people who are already in relationships.

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Mean People Suck

March 26, 2005

just what the title says, nothing more, nothing less. Goodnight

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*NIX hell

March 23, 2005

Why does installing "stuff" on *nix systems gotta be so fuckin confusing?

where is the InstallShield Corporation with a nice little graphical installer?

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